Grease Trap Cleaning, Pumping & Maintenance Services in Rockland County & Westchester County, NY and Bergen County, NJ

Grease traps are no place to cut corners, especially when you're choosing a service provider. Improper grease trap cleaning, pumping and maintenance can create huge problems for your business, potentially causing closure or heavy fines due to trap blockages, overflows or regulatory violations. With American Minuteman professional restaurant grease trap services, you can rest easy knowing you are partnering with one of the most reliable and environmentally-conscience companies in the industry.
Emptying septic tank — grease trap cleaning New City NY
  • Our service offers peace of mind
  • We help your business stay in compliance with current regulations and ordinances
  • We maintain complete records of our service to your grease trap
  • We counsel you on proper grease trap maintenance to prevent problems
  • Our grease trap services are provided without disrupting your business
  • Much of the material we remove is repurposed - used in anaerobic digestion to increase methane for electricity generation or as a soil amendment used for non-edible agriculture
  • Material that cannot be repurposed is safely disposed of at licensed facilities according to local regulations
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